Race Rules & Information

There are several different categories in the Gut Check, so find one that suits you and get yourself or a team registered. Registration fee is a minimum of $100.00 per participant in donations for the CCFA. You can pay the $100.00 yourself or help to raise awareness by soliciting donations from various individuals. Last year we had a couple of riders that raised over $2,000.00 for the event and a few more that were over the $500.00 mark. The CCFA is a non-profit organization so all donations are tax deductible.


Gut Check 2014 “Virtually Anywhere”

Due to extremely low registration thus far for the 2014 Gut Check I have decided to go “virtual” this year and possibly flip-flop each year between a virtual and reality Gut Check…we’ll see.  I don’t want to give up the ghost entirely as the Gut Check has been a great way to raise funds and awareness for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (www.CCFA.org) and to provide cyclist the opportunity to do something they might have never done.   I believe both of those objectives can still be met “Virtually Anywhere” so let’s give it a go and support the CCFA virtually anywhere…anytime.

Here’s the skinny on the “Virtually Anywhere” edition of the Gut Check:

  • Register:  Register for whichever Gut Check category you would like to ride via the event website www.GutCheck212.com
    • Gut Check Categories
      • Hell n Back: 824 miles in 96hrs
      • Solo: 412 miles in 48hrs
      • 2-person relay: 412 miles in 48hrs
      • 4-person relay: 412 miles in 48hrs
      • Leapfrog: 412 miles in 48hrs
      • Half-Assed: half the mileage half the time
  • Ride: Sometime before August 31st 2014 ride the Gut Check distance within the time frame (24hrs, 48hrs, 96hrs) your Gut Check category specifies.
    • If you want to use the “official” Gut Check route on SD Hwy 212 I’m sure it will be available to punish you.  But…
    • The “Virtually Anywhere” allows you to use virtually any highway, byway, trail or turnpike you feel like tackling.  For the truly unadventurous you could even use your indoor trainer…a virtually virtual ride.
  • Report:  Once you complete your ride (or attempt to complete…it happens) send me your route, time, and epiphany information so I can post them on the Gut Check site.  I think it will be interesting to see the various routes used by participants.
    • If your tech savvy you can send a map of your ride.  If you’re not tech savvy break out your crayons and draw a picture of your route and I’ll post it.


Gut Check 2014

Virtually Anywhere…Any time

The race divisions are as follows (disregard locations for the “Virtually Anywhere”)


  • 412 miles of Highway 212 all to yourself

2-Person Relay

  • Exchange in Gettysburg (Where the battle wasn’t)
    • Rider 1: SD/WY Border to Gettysburg = 226 miles
    • Rider 2: Gettysburg to SD/MN Border = 186 miles

4-Person Relay

  • Exchanges are Faith, Gettysburg, and Redfield
    • Rider 1: SD/WY Border to Faith = 113 miles
    • Rider 2: Faith to Gettysburg = 112 miles
    • Rider 3:Gettysburg to Redfield = 81 miles
    • Rider 4: Redfield to SD/MN Border = 106 miles

Leap Frog

  • Unlimited number of riders. Exchange whenever, wherever, and as often as you like.  A civilized and enjoyable way to tackle the Gut Check.

Hell & Back

  • For the truly sadistic. Start at whichever border you like, ride to the other one, turn around and come back.
    • 824 miles with a 96 hour time limit.
    • The Hell & Back starts on Wednesday August 14th, 2013 at 12:00 PM (MT). You can do this Solo, Relay or Leapfrog.

New in 2014: 1/2 Assed and 1/2 Assed & Back Divisions.  The 1/2 Assed category is for those that due to lack of training, poor circulation, or general laziness, don’t feel the need to ride all the way across SD.  The 1/2 Assed & Back is for those that want to ride over 400 miles, but due to outstanding arrest warrants, witness relocation, or a variety of other damn good reasons, they prefer to limit their ride to either the Western or Eastern half of the state.

1/2 Assed Solo

  • Race to the Missour River from either the MN Border or the WY Border.

1/2 Assed & Back Solo

  • Race to the Missouri River from either the MN Border or the WY Border and then turn around and race on back.

1/2 Assed Leapfrog

  • Start Leapfrogging from either the WY border or the MN border until you reach the other side of the Missouri.

1/2 Assed & Back Leapfrog

  • Start Leapfrogging from either the WY border or the MN border until you reach the other side of the Missouri then turn around and make the leap back.

1/2 Assed and 1/2 Assed & Back Relays (WY Border Start):

2-Person Relay: same exchange points for 1/2 Assed & Back

    • Rider 1: WY Border to Faith (aprox. 114 miles)
    • Rider 2: Faith to Other Side of the Missouri (aprox. 94 miles)

4-Person Relay: same exchange points for 1/2 Assed & Back

    • Rider 1: WY Border to Newell (aprox. 40 miles)
    • Rider 2: Newell to Ben Ash Monument (aprox. 40 miles)
    • Rider 3: Ben Ash Monument to Dupree (aprox. 56 miles)
    • Rider 4: Dupree to Other Side of Missouri (aprox. 72 miles)

1/2 Assed and 1/2 Assed & Back Relays (MN Border Start)

2-Person Relay: same exchange points for 1/2 Assed & Back

    • Rider 1: MN Border to Redfield (aprox. 105 miles)
    • Rider 2: Redfield to Other Side of the Missouri (aprox. 100 miles)

4-Person Relay: same exchange points for 1/2 Assed & Back

  • Rider 1: MN Border to Henry (aprox. 53 miles)
  • Rider 2: Henry to Redfield (aprox. 52 miles)
  • Rider 3: Redfield to Faulkton (aprox. 40 miles)
  • Rider 4: Faulkton to Other Side of the Missouri (aprox. 60 miles)

Personal support vehicles are permitted. There will be no neutral support vehicles. Helmet mandatory. Headlight and red blinking taillight are mandatory if you plan on riding after sunset or before sunrise.

Drafting is permitted but should be done with caution and by those experienced in riding in close proximity to others.  Drafting behind a motorized vehicle or a cyclist that is not a registered Gut Check participant  is prohibited.  Recumbents and unicyles are allowed.

88px-us_212svg.pngDisregard for “Virtually Anywhere”: The race route is SD Highway 212, no other route may be used (hopefully no detours this year). If you are not familiar with the route it would be advisable to carry a map of South Dakota with you during the race.

We are not responsible for accidents, but will take credit for any epiphanies you have along the way.

Click here for PledgeSheet  PDF to record your pledge information.